Interview with Chef Josh Farrell

Published Feb. 10, 2015, 8:09 p.m.

Chef Josh

Chef Josh comes to The Hub by way of the Midwest. He is from Minnesota and is  both an avid hockey player and fan.  When Chef Josh is not working you can find him perusing around the local farms to find out what they have to offer.  Chef Josh is ready to step up the game and change the way people think and appreciate the esculent foods East Mesa has to offer.

What is the best part of joining The Hub team?

I feel like it’s a good fit for me, I really fit in here. Chris allows me the culinary freedom to do my own thing and have fun. I also really enjoy The Hub’s clientele.  I just want to bring great food to regular folks and their families at an affordable price.

What was your defining moment when you decided to get into the culinary arts?

At age 15 I started working as a dishwasher in a restaurant and really enjoyed the back of house team atmosphere. I have always loved cooking, but when I worked at House of Tricks (in Tempe), is where I really went from being a cook to a chef. There they showed me how to respect food, build food, and really break down the dish to each individual ingredient.  Most recently Chef Payton Curry has inspired me to get more involved with local community farms. There are so many farms in East Mesa that I can utilize to make fresh local dishes for the community, and it excites me to be involved in that process.

What is the saying you use the most?

Recently I have been using the slogan "Don't be sorry, just be better." I think because it makes a big statement in a kitchen where "I'm Sorry" is unacceptable, too many of those will quickly put you out of business in this industry. It goes back to the other question, do it right the first time! If you find yourself apologizing for the work you've done or the service you have provided or the food you have made, then you are not properly focused, not cut out for this business, and you are failing every person that walks into your house for a meal.

What is a quote that you live your life by?

"Do it right the first time." This one is straight from my father. Follow the rules, follow the laws, what you do outside of that make sure you do it right and to the best of your ability, otherwise you might never know your own capabilities. I enjoy efficiency and if I am going to spend the time no matter how short, I will be sure that it is done right the first time! 

Now for the fun questions:

What is your most essential appliance?

The one that I don’t have yet. A kitchen aid mixer. They can do EVERYTHING!

What is one appliance you can’t live without?


I always say if I am every missing my hand for any reason I would have tongs surgically implanted!

What is your favorite condiment?

Mustard. No doubt!

What was your last meal?

My last meal was actually at Cornish Pasty with Westley working on the next Hub beer dinner. I had Lamb Vindaloo and a Kiltlifter! If you have never been there I strongly suggest it! They focus on one thing and make it from scratch, which is a great base for success in business!

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