Gluten-free menu


Proudly serving a 1/2lb fresh never frozen Upper Choice Angus Chick blended beef or grilled chickenon locally baked gluten free breads from a certified bakery. All Burgers served with lettuce, tomato & onion. Your choice HUB side.

The Classic* 10.79
With LTO Cheese: American, Swiss, pepper jack, cheddar, bleu, mozz .59

Bacon Cheese* Cheddar, bacon, pickles, LTO 13.69

The Big Hub* Double patties with American Cheese, pepperjack, cheddar, mozarella cheese, LTO and extra bacon 16.69

Devil* Cajun blackened patty, Gunslinger mayo, pepper jack cheese, grilled jalapeños & bacon, and LTO 13.69

Peanut Butter* Creamy peanut butter and bacon on a pretzel bun 13.39

Holy Bacon Batman* Triple the bacon,bacon aioli, carmelized onions, Swiss cheese 13.99

Beyond Veggie Burger Grilled Beyond veggie patty, avocado hummus, Gouda cheese, pickled onions, carrots, spring greens & tomato on a gluten free bun 14.99