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HUB Sossaman and HUB Stapley are your stop for all things beer. Our locations offer over 90 craft and draft beer selections. We have something for everyone. So come on in and join us, pick out your favorite beer, kick back, relax, and enjoy your favorite game.


Not sure which beer to choose? We've created a simple guide for you, highlighting the different types and styles of beers to help you select the best beer for you! 


Types of Beers:

Ales: Ales are fermented with ale yeast that sits on top during the 4-8 day fermentation process at 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lagers: Lagers are fermented with bottom fermenting yeast for 3-15 weeks at 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


Styles of Beers:

Pilsner: Clean and simple, pilsners are pale lagers with strong hops, softer malt, are fragrent, and have pleasurably bitter flavors.

Wheat: Light in flavor, these ales have a mix of barley and wheat grain and low to nonexistant hops. They are usually cloudy in appearance and have a strong yeast flavor.

Brown Ale: Brown ales have a higher level of malt. The flavors range from sweet to slightly hoppy, to earthy and malty. Brown ales are made from 100% brown malt which is how they get their dark amber color.

Pale Ale: Made from gently roasted barley and pale malt, pale ales have a strong malty flavor.

India Pale Ale (IPA): IPA's are typical pale ales with more hops. They have a strong hoppy flavor and a slightly bitter taste. 

Double IPA's/Imperial IPA's: Usually have 2 or 3 times the hops than a normal IPA. In order to balance the taste, more malt is added. The brew has fruity, hoppy notes, and deep, malty undertones.

Bock: Stronger than your typical lager and a more robust malt character, Bocks have a rich and malty flavor with a slight hint of hops bitterness.

Porter: Consists of roasted malts or roasted barley and typically fermented with slow fermenting yeast. Has mild flavor with notes of roasted grains, chocolate, and toffee.

Stout: Made with black un-malted barley which causes the color and flavor characteristics of stouts. Stouts have a heavily roasted flavor and hints of coffee, chocolate, licorice, and molasses with no hoppy flavor.